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Introducing the Magic Cat Scratch Organ Board Cat Toy with Ball – a versatile and engaging playtime accessory designed to keep your feline friend active, entertained, and their claws in check. Elevate your cat's playtime experience with this multifunctional toy that's as fun as it is beneficial.

Key Features :

  • Interactive Playtime Fun : Watch your cat's curiosity come alive as they engage with the included ball, swatting and chasing it for hours of entertainment. The round shape and interactive design stimulate their natural hunting instincts, keeping them engaged and active.

  • Claw Care and Grinding : Say goodbye to scratched furniture! The corrugated surface of the organ board acts as a cat-friendly scratcher, allowing your furry companion to satisfy their instinctual need to scratch and helping to keep their claws healthy and trimmed.

  • Cat Climbing Frame : The sturdy construction of the organ board doubles as a climbing frame, encouraging your cat to explore different levels and angles. It provides exercise, mental stimulation, and a cozy hideaway when needed.

  • Quality Materials : Crafted from durable and non-toxic materials, this cat toy is built to withstand your cat's play sessions and provide long-lasting entertainment. The corrugated cardboard is environmentally friendly and safe for your pet.

Usage Instructions :

  • Assemble the Magic Cat Scratch Organ Board according to the included instructions, ensuring stability.
  • Place the toy in an area where your cat likes to play or rest.
  • Let your cat explore, scratch, climb, and interact with the attached ball.
  • Monitor your cat's playtime and rotate the toy to keep their interest fresh.

Enhance your cat's environment and well-being with the Magic Cat Scratch Organ Board Cat Toy. Treat them to hours of engaging play, encourage healthy claw maintenance, and provide them with a cozy space to call their own. Order now to enrich your cat's life with a touch of magic.

Product information:
Color: As shown
Material: Corrugated Cardboard
Size :24x24x10cm

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