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Comfort Bunion Sandals

Comfort Bunion Sandals

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How to Correct Hallux Valgus by Wearing Shoes!  

* Suffering from your feet is not inevitable...

Hallux valgus, or bunion of the foot, can be treated by adapting the wearing of adapted shoes.

It is urgent to act before having to proceed with a hallux valgus operation to correct the deformation of your first phalanx. The heating caused by the malfunctioning joint produces inflammation with terrible pain that prevents you from walking properly and affects the whole body, including back posture.

Confort corrective sandals are the solution to end the pain caused by your hallux valgus and correct it naturally.

Comfort hallux valgus sandals is the only orthopedic sandal that has been designed by a team of doctors, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons and fashion professionals to gently straighten the joint while preventing inflammation.

Results are visible as early as the second week, and rectification occurs in just 3 months of use.

With our Confort sandals, you no longer dread putting on your shoes, they no longer hurt!


When you suffer from hallux valgus, putting on shoes can quickly become a nightmare! Whether it's in ballet flats, boots or sneakers, your foot is compressed and the pressure exerted is painful and difficult to bear. Even quality shoe stores do not have a choice adapted to this pathology, which is very widespread, especially among women.

You have already tried many models without ever finding comfortable shoes?

Comfort hallux valgus sandals has been designed by specialists who have taken care of every part of the sandal's design. The sole perfectly follows the natural curve of the arch and the 2.5 cm heel is designed to obtain the ideal inclination, distribute pressure and reduce forefoot pain.

The separator helps to put the big toe back in place by stimulating the natural production of collagen, and to improve the flexibility of the ligaments. Avoiding painful friction between the toes provides lasting relief for your forefoot.

The lateral part is padded: the joint is not subjected to pressure as in classic women's shoes, and it is maintained by the padding.

It is this part that allows the joint to be straightened gently, while preventing inflammation and aggravation of the deformity.

These shoes are also particularly suitable for diabetics who are more often affected by arteriopathy or neuropathy resulting in foot deformity. Taking care of one's feet for people suffering from diabetes is a daily reflex and the choice of shoes is therefore very important. It is a matter of health.

People who have a bunion on their foot know how much heels worsen their pain. We strongly recommend avoiding wearing high-heeled shoes as much as possible, even with orthopedic inserts.




* Allows for the correction of overall posture

Hallux valgus is defined as a lateral deviation of the big toe from the first metatarsal.

In reaction to the pain, people with hallux valgus adopt a poor posture that causes them to arch their legs, resulting in poor hip position and a rounded back effect. Your body suffers from premature aging.

Comfort hallux valgus sandals help to rectify this uncomfortable and painful posture. From the moment you are pain-free, you will find a balanced body posture, with your back straight and your head off your shoulders. Your whole figure is influenced and embellished.

You can then go back to wearing normal shoes, with or without orthotics for hallux valgus, without pain or heavy medical treatment!


* Elegant design, both chic and understated

Comfort hallux valgus sandals doesn't look like an orthopedic shoe at all, although it is. It's chic and understated, so it goes with any casual or dressy outfit, while taking care to keep your sensitive feet comfortable and tender.

Once you try them on, you won't want to leave this pair of ultra-comfortable shoes!

They are available in sizes 34 to 44 and in many colors.



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