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Nail Repair Fiberglass Silk Wrap

Nail Repair Fiberglass Silk Wrap

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For nail repair, these tapes are soft, thin and easy to cut to provide direct protection and reinforcement for damaged areas and repair your injured nails. They can help prevent your nails from splitting and hold damaged areas steady for better regrowth.
  • Self-adhesive, can be cut to fit your vehicle.
  • Perfectly repairs damaged or battered nails, provides smooth and powerful protection for nail surfaces, strengthens your nails.
  • Become invisible with the top gel on the film.

  • Keep your nails beautiful or natural. Made from silk and linen, these ribbons are soft and thin, super comfortable on nails. Self-adhesive design, no need for extra glue for faster application.

  • Ideal for nail professionals or beginners. Suitable for use in nail salon or at home.

How to do fibernails :

Step 1: After preparation of natural nail,apply base coat and fiberglass

Step 2: make the sealing of Silk fiber above and below with UV builder gel

Step 3: Cure nails under UV/LED lamp for 1-2mins.After few seconds, apply pinching clips

to maintain the curvature

Step 4: Remove pinching clips from nail

Step 5: Technical sanding, this step is very important, from here the nail is already in the

natural format;

Step 6: Apply top coat which leaves the nail always shiny, and helps in the durability of  

the nail !!


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