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New Funny Toy Interactive

New Funny Toy Interactive

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Discover our brand new fun interactive toy - the Mini Frisbee with reel! This high-quality toy is specially designed to provide your cat with hours of stimulating entertainment and training.

The Mini Reel Frisbee is a versatile interactive toy that combines the fun of playing with the satisfaction of chewing. Made from durable, non-toxic materials, this toy is perfectly safe for your cat and will stand up to its sharp claws and teeth.

The main features of the Mini Frisbee with Reel are as follows:

Rotating motion: The built-in reel offers a captivating rotating motion that stimulates your cat's hunting instinct. This random, unpredictable movement will attract his attention and encourage him to chase the toy, providing much-needed physical activity.

Disc launcher: This toy features a built-in disc launcher, making it even more fun. You can easily throw the disc from a moderate distance, encouraging your cat to chase it and get some exercise while having fun.

Durable material: The Mini Reel Frisbee is made from bite- and scratch-resistant material, guaranteeing durability. Your cat will be able to chew, scratch and play with this toy without damaging it, making it an ideal choice for active cats.

Playful interaction: This toy encourages interaction between you and your cat. You can play with your pet by tossing the disc to him and encouraging him to catch it. This strengthens your relationship and creates a bond of trust with your cat.

Suitable for cats and dogs: The Mini Reel Frisbee isn't just for cats. It's also suitable for small dogs who like to play and chew. So you can give this toy to your cat and dog to play with.

Add the Mini Reel Frisbee to your cat toy collection today! Give your pet stimulating playtime, exercise and fun. Your cat will be delighted with this new interactive toy, and you'll be pleased to see your pet happy and active.

Order today and make this toy a must-have for your cat or dog! 

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