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Love hacking ice off your windshield every morning during the winter season? No? Good! We’ve got something we think you’ll like.. introducing SnowStopper, your solution to a happier start to your day

We’ve all had rough mornings where we were already running late when we get to our car only to find its been encased in a block of snow.. WTF! Grab a snow cover and be a step ahead this winter.

Windshield Visibility Prevents Accidents - how many of us have been in a hurry and only scraped away a tiny hole in the windshield to see through? SMH.. Never risk injury or prison again!

The best part is that SnowStopper always stops other things.. such as harmful UV rays, bird poop, rain, hail & anything else that may be falling from the sky that day.. we’ve got you covered, literally!

No More Chiseling Snow & Ice - tired of waking up, walking outside all groggy and tired into the 20 degree weather only to find you have to scrape snow and ice off your car.. no my friend, never again

So if you’re looking for a snow cover that will guarantee that your windshield is clear, clean, and classy everyday, grab SnowStopper and ensure every morning this winter is merry and bright