Foot Care Protector Insoles

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  • Material: Made of soft and safe sponge and lace, high elasticity and flexibility.The foot pads will help keep the feet from sliding too far forward in open toe shoe.
  • Design: Each sponge foot pad slides over the big toe to hold it in place and wraps smoothly around your feet for non-slip, all-day support.
  • Soft, Comfortable Support: Cushion the ball of your foot to relieve pressure and stress from long standing periods, walking, running, or general movement.
  • Versatile Wear: Our metatarsal pads can be worn barefoot around the house, under socks in tennis shoes, with sandals or heels and other footwear.
  • Function: Whether you're at the office, dancing the night away, or out shopping with your girlfriends, our shoe inserts will give you the protection you need.