Car windshield, retractable sun visor, easy to install and use

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  • Improve and increase the suction cup firmly, the four-point type is fixed, the suction cup has better stability, the adsorption force is stronger and can be used repeatedly.
  • It adopts double-line housing to fix the fan-shaped folds of adsorption at multiple places, and the surface of aluminum sheet with multiple reflection angles provides good thermal insulation and shading effect.
  • Exquisite and compact, easy to store, level the support of the double line box, do not collapse. Switch to a high-end single-piece skeleton atmosphere on the high temperature resistance is not easy to fall.
  • Outer layer of aluminized film, inner insulation layer, reinforced insulation on both sides, reflective aluminum foil, fan-shaped, reflecting sunlight, thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, corrosion.
  • Use the two ends to cut a reserved space of 5 cm, according to the size and leisure of your windshield, you can cut freely. Enhance the reinforced support, the metal part is wrapped in a plastic shell to prevent scratches, long lasting, good feeling in the hands, not easy to bend.