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BETTYLIS ™ - Baby Carrier

BETTYLIS ™ - Baby Carrier

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Forget your tired hands from carrying your child!

➡️ He/she is constantly slipping down and it's tiring for your hands?

➡️ You feel frequent backaches after doing this?

It doesn't have to be that hard!

Our Unique Baby Carrier is Perfect For You! 


The design imitates the shape of the mothers body and how the baby fits onto her hip. It is soft and cushioned and strong enough to withstand the weight of the child.

It is not only better for parents but is also better for their child. The design of the seat ensures that the baby sits with his legs spread around your hip, which allows the bones to grow naturally. Also, it takes the weight off of the back and spine, then other muscles in the hip and legs can be used to support the weight.

Our Baby Carrier can help prevent hip problems later in life. Hip dysplasia is a serious problem in infants that have been carried in slings, wraps and jumpers. The positioning of the baby in these types of carriers, can cause the hips to grow improperly. The damage done in the early years could cause serious problems later in life.



Our Baby Carrier allows you to distribute your baby weigh across your entire body so you don't have to continue to move the baby around in multiple positions to release muscle fatique!  One of the major causes of back pain in later life is attributed to carrying heavy weights on your hips. This ingenious Baby Carrier assists in preventing such damage when carrying young children.

➡️ Your back stays straight and your child is tucked into your chest, providing comfort and security for both of you.


Out Baby Carrier is adjustable to fit any size waist up to 47in (120cm). It only take seconds to put on or take off.


The days of strapping and unstrapping your baby to pick them up or set them down are over! Since our Baby Carrier secures around your waist and not around your child, you can lift or set down your baby whenever you like.

Our Baby Carrier is a secure alternative to the uncomfortable large carriers. It is made to last and can be used for infants and toddlers from 6 to 36 months. It helps you prevent back pain and also provides a healthier way of carrying your baby.

Multiple colors available! Choose your favourite or buy several to match your wardrobe.


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