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DEROL Collagen Multi Balm Stick for Diminishing Face, Lip & Eye Wrinkles

DEROL Collagen Multi Balm Stick for Diminishing Face, Lip & Eye Wrinkles

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If you're looking for a Balm Stick filled with natural ingredients to fight acne and clear your skin, Multi-moisture Balm Stick is the answer. Don't let wrinkle ruin your beautiful face! Multi-moisture Balm Stick - Care for your skin beauty!

Formulated with avocado and glycerin, this moisturizing balm deeply hydrates and hydrates the skin, helping to optimize the skin's pH and restore skin elasticity. Also infused with Macadamia Seed Oil while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin-Friendly Texture】:The texture is very refreshing and moisturizing, you will not feel sticky after use, very skin-friendly and very well absorbed.

Smooth Skin】:Instantly hydrates the skin and leaves the applied area radiant. Continued use can effectively smooth fine lines, improve dryness and roughness, and make the skin smoother.

Multi-Use】:This Balm Stick can be used on the neck, lips, around the eyes,eyebrow area. It is very convenient to use and carry, and can be easily used anytime, anywhere.

* Capacity : 7g

Silky Smooth Muti-moisture Balm Stick is compact and ready to use anytime.
This balm can be held with one hand and carried easily in your pocket or purse.
With the twist mechanics, you can push up the balm for easy access to the skin.
Use it while you are shopping, eating, working, school, before or after you wear your makeup, before or after you wash your face, and when you wake up or go to bed.

▶ How to use
Apply before or after makeup.
Apply gently on eyes areas, cheeks, smile lines, chin for moisture care.

Package Included:

1pcs*Multi-moisture Balm Stick

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