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I LOVE YOU In 100 languages Projection Necklace Collier Round

I LOVE YOU In 100 languages Projection Necklace Collier Round

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This I Love You Necklace in 100 Languages will make your loved one's eyes shine and brighten their day like never before!

What could be more beautiful than giving a jewel containing a treasure that only the person you decide to reveal the secret to will know and no one else?


Love is universal and there are hundreds of languages to express love. Thanks to a cutting-edge nano-microscopy technology, no less than 100 languages have been engraved in the heart of the embellished zirconium crystal to say "I love you".

To access this magic, simply open the camera of your smartphone and place the heart of the crystal right in front of the camera. It will then reveal all the splendor of its secret: a multitude of micro-engraved "I love you" in 100 different languages.


At the same time pretty, discreet and elegant, this necklace is the perfect surprise to sincerely express your love...

  • to your wife
  • to celebrate your wedding anniversary
  • to your mother, on Mother's Day
  • to your girlfriend, for Valentine's Day
  • to your daughter or granddaughter for Christmas
  • to your best friend on her birthday
  • Whatever the event, the magic will happen. Prove your love in 100 languages in a deeply ROMANTIC and ORIGINAL way.

You can also project the inscriptions on the wall in a big way, by turning on the flash light of your smartphone. Shine the light from the flash (or any light source like a flashlight) through the crystal of the necklace, and project the love words onto the wall to illuminate the room with your love.

In order to keep these messages preciously engraved and to keep it shining like on the first day, our necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver and with an embellished zirconium oxide crystal.

Length of the necklace: 40cm

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