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Essential oil aromatherapy blank nasal inhaler sticks

Essential oil aromatherapy blank nasal inhaler sticks

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The inhaler is one of the main accessories of aromatherapy. It provides a quick and convenient method of inhaling your favorite essential oil, ready to provide well-being wherever you are.

Made from tough aluminum alloy and with a modern design, it will grab attention wherever you go. It has a donut-like opening at the bottom and can be reused thousands of times with different essences.

Does inhaling essential oil work?

When we inhale (smell) the essential oil, its molecules enter through our nose, and directly penetrate a special part of our brain that influences our sensations and attitudes: The limbic system.

Inhalation has a powerful, almost instantaneous effect of promoting emotional well-being, in addition to the benefits of the oil itself on the body. Yes oil molecules enter our body.


Aluminum inhaler with cap

Material: aluminum alloy (does not rust and does not react with essential oils)

measures: 8.6 cm x 1.9 cm

Comes with 1 cotton refill


Do not share your inhaler with anyone

To sanitize it use 75% alcohol

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