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Tree of Life Crystal Energy Orgonite Pyramid

Tree of Life Crystal Energy Orgonite Pyramid

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Clear Negativity From Your Life & Relax In Harmonic Uplifting Frequencies
Filter energy in your environment and strengthen your body's energy by clearing blockages.

The chip crystal at the bottom of the pyramid converts negative energy into positive
energy and releases it through the top point, which has a remarkable effect on balancing chakras, healing aura, clearing and promoting personal energy aura!

A Filter For Toxic Energy In Your Surroundings.

Negative and toxic energy moves through the mixture of metals and crystals in the resin and becomes reorganized to an energy that is harmonized for the human body to heal itself. 

Our pyramids have the benefits of the crystal and gemstones that they contain.

The Pyramid shape amplifies the effects of the crystals so you get more of their positive benefits!

Pyramid Contents 

Amethyst - vibrates at a very high spiritual level and has strong healing and cleansing properties. It can help with self-control, calm severe emotions and help with your sleep and meditation.

Blue Quartz - helps alleviate fear and helps with creativity and expression. It helps to balance the throat chakra and can help with communication and being able to stand up for oneself and reach out to others. Helps with sadness to restore peace and happiness.


  • It is an excellent decoration choice for your office, home, dining table, desk, etc.
  •  It can reduce the negative energy generated by computers, televisions and other        household appliances. 
  • Can bring good luck and wealth.
  • Make it a perfect gift for yourself, your best friends, and parents, and share your         love and blessings on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day,                   Valentine's Day, birthday or any other special occasion.

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