100 Languages I Love You Projection Necklace Collarbone Chain To Send Your Girlfriend

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Personalize your image projection collar

Etch precious memories of you and your pet in the projection collar! Maybe your pet is gone or gets old, at least we can cherish the beautiful moments together. You can freely personalize anything you want, including people, pets, landscapes and even symbols, and you can use the text as a keepsake.

In addition to simply filling the projection stone with the photo of your choice, we also provide several projection templates. Why not put pictures of animals in the template and say I love you in 100 languages.

Meaningful accessory and memorial gift

This personalized pet photo engraved projection necklace will provide the perfect accessory or meaningful keepsake for your loved one.

We make a photo projection necklace for you to cherish or share your good times. It is also a warm comfort for loved ones and friends who have lost their pet.