Flying Ball Boomerang Flyorb Magic With LED

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Buy this toy for your kids, will keep them away from iPad, tablet and TV šŸ§  Encourage your child's imagination and creativity while keeping them away from electronics.Ā 

COOL gift for children and adults

The Flyorb MagicĀ Can be used as a great travel toy, Christmas gift. It's a creative birthday gift for your family and friends.Just shake and throw to get the attention of children and adults.

Neon LED lights lining the outside and inside of theĀ Flyorb MagicĀ make it an eye catching toy extremely fun to play with at dusk.

  • Take it with you anywhere (anytime).Ā Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand ā€“ play with theĀ Flyorb MagicĀ whenever you feel the itch arise (whether thatā€™s in the kitchen, backyard, at the beach, or the park!).

It features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design allowing it to effortlessly glide through air leading to an extremely fun and addicting experience. Toss it up and watch itĀ fly, float, glide, and climbĀ before hovering back to your hand like magic!

  • ā€œRasenganā€, ā€œThe Forceā€, ā€œMagicā€ ā€“ call it whatever you want, but no matter what ā€“ you can count on the motorizedĀ Flyorb MagicĀ to make its way back into your palm after every throw. Let it go and watch it fly, float, glide, and climb before elegantly returning to your hand like a boomerang!Ā Physics in action!


  • Push the power button, hold theĀ Flyorb MagicĀ upright, and then shake to start. Itā€™s that simple.


  • Throw yourĀ Flyorb MagicĀ into the air and watch it smoothly curve in the air to make a rendezvous with your original throwing hand. Yes, it does this.


  • Kids can play together, get some exercise and build friendships~


  • TheĀ Flyorb MagicĀ features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design that gives it that smooth flight when youā€™re throwing it. Your hands are always 100% safe when dealing with this floaty boi.


  • Durable, orb design protects theĀ Flyorb Magicfrom trauma caused by bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact. Keep the good times spinning.


  • A 30-minute charge gives yourĀ Flyorb MagicĀ 8-10 minutes of operating time.
  • Ā Battery life depends on circumstances. For example, 10 minutes of continuous use in a single session or multiple 8-10 minute sessions. Additionally, factors like wind can affect power usage as well.

Package Included:

1x Spinner

1x User Manual

1x USB cable