LED Garland Lights for Decoration

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★ High quality and energy saving: waterproof, dustproof; PC material transparent, corrosion resistant, cost resistant, resistant to aging, more durable; without time and space constraints. Low power consumption and energy saving.

★ Specifications: tube length: 30cm; tube quantity: 8 tubes; LED bulbs per tube: 18; number of LED bulbs: 8 x 18 LED tubes (144 LEDs); voltage: 110 V, watts: 5 W; IP65 waterproofing.

★ Meteor shower effect with romantic aesthetic: The LED lights of each bulb turn on and off one by one in sequence and quickly like a weather rain or snowfall in the night sky, multi-color, very beautiful. It can be used as one, or connected (up to five fairy lights).

★ Perfect for: Christmas, New Year, wedding, birthday party, Valentine's Day, professional celebration and any other celebration occasion, market engineering lighting, architectural decoration, decoration of trees along streets, parks, rivers, urban night lighting, landscaping, gardening, night crystal decoration, hotels, shopping malls, night entertainment all over the decoration.

★ Package contents: 1 Geanmoki LED Meteor shower light.