Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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Separate design: the desktop vacuum cleaner is designed with separate suction cups for powerful suction for different dust crumbs.


Vortex Effect Design: The tabletop dustpan has a nylon brush and a spiral vortex effect for a perfect fit and easy absorption of table debris.

360 Degree Rotation: the desktop vacuum has a 360 degree upward wind direction for powerful suction without dispersing dust and to prevent crumbs from drifting.

Trash Can: The desktop trash can has a crumb compartment at the bottom of the unit, which can be opened by turning gently counterclockwise to empty the crumbs inside.
Many uses: the desk dustpan is suitable for dusting eraser crumbs, pencil crumbs, cookie crumbs, desk or computer keyboard slots, etc.



Package included

*Mini Vacuum 1*USB Line 1*Accessories 1*Instruction