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Smart Induction Water Pump Touch Wireless Electric Water Dispenser

Smart Induction Water Pump Touch Wireless Electric Water Dispenser

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It is suitable for a variety of places, including living rooms, kitchens, offices, dormitories and rural water need.

The two switches are designed to quickly discharge water, and the user can freely choose the water discharge method, and the amount of water can be arbitrary.
1. Double-click the sensor button on the top of the fuselage to pump water; click the sensor button to stop pumping.
2. Gravity induction to take water. Put the container on the base to pump water, and it will stop automatically after about 600ML. During the pumping process, take the container back to automatically stop pumping.


Filter replacement instructions:
1. Unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom to disassemble the top cover of the base.
2. Unscrew the screws that fix the filter element, and then pull out the bilateral silicone tube to replace the filter element.
3. Follow the above steps to reassemble and use it normally.
4. The filter element can be used for one year normally. If it is used frequently or the water quality is poor, the filter element should be replaced when the power is sufficient and the water is slow.

When using the water filter with filter element for the first time, you must first pump for 2-3 minutes to clean the whole system, until the water is clean, it can be used normally.

Charging Instructions:
The water pump adopts the low-voltage automatic protection function. When the battery is lower than 3V, the machine will automatically shut down, and it will be charged according to the approved charging voltage DC-5V charger. The green light will turn on when charging, and the charging time will be about 3-6 hours. It can be used normally during charging.

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